Blue-throated Barbet

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Blue-throated Barbet (Megalaima asiatica)

A bird possessing a wonderful combination of a green body and a blue throat is none other than the Blue-throated Barbet, an Asian Barbet belonging to the passerine family of bird. It is widely distributed India, Pakistan, Nepal.Evergreen forests, deciduous forests, gardens are their usually habitat. Commonly known as “Nilgala bosonto-bauri” in the Bengali language.

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Blue-throated Barbet in central park | 2015


Where could you find them in Kolkata?

Try to walk in the tree-lined areas of Kolkata namely Central Park, Rajarhat, Indian Botanical Garden, Nalban, Rabindra Sarabar and Maidan to spot the Blue-throated Barbet.

When should you photograph a Blue-throated Barbet?

Early morning is preferably the best time to get a glimpse of the Blue-throated Barbet bird. In spite of having a green body, it is quite easy to spot them, even if they are sitting on a tree due to its blue throat. Since the bird isn’t very shy in nature, they tend to be approachable.If you are a bird photographer or willing to become one such, patience is the key element. So, little amount of patience will help you fetch quality pictures of the bird. Another way to locate the bird is through their distinctive calls.

Photographing the Blue-throated Barbet, characteristics, breeding and the necessary details:

Both the adults and the juveniles have a blue face and throat, red forehead and hind-crown and black band across the crown. The juveniles have a dull head pattern compared to the adults Green, blue, red-the Blue-throated Barbet has bright colours on their plumage. They have a harsh and loud voice. Their breeding season starts in July and goes until July.

Blue-throated Barbet calls: rapid took-a-rook, took-a-rook

My first every shot of the Blue-throated Barbet bird was taken at Central Park during the chilly winter mornings of January. Even if you are first timer you will hardly fail to capture the beauty of the bird through your lenses because they are one of the most approachable birds visible in Central Park. Other two Barbets which are common in Central Park are Coppersmith Barbet and Lineated Barbet.



  • Usually can be found on trees with fruits, like figs, mangoes etc.
  • easy to approach
  • can be identified from the distinctive calls


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