First Swamp Tiger

Swarnava Nandi (writer)/ September 4, 2020/ Mammals, Mammals in Bengal, Mammals of india, WILDLIFE & TRAVEL, Wildlife of West Bengal/ 8 comments

There was a time when people used to believe, that sighting of a tiger in the Indian Sundarbans is a matter of mere luck. But in recent years, the thought affair has changed, and now quite a few people believe the fact, that tigers can be seen very often in these mysterious mangroves as well. Although luck does play some

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The Graceful awl snail

Swarnava Nandi (writer)/ September 2, 2020/ WILDLIFE & TRAVEL/ 0 comments

As the Monsoon arrives in the country, nature is fully blooming with life and joy. Many creatures are more active and visible during this time, so are these small terrestrial snails, known as the graceful awl snails . When I was a child, I always saw these mollusks around in our garden or in some flower pots. But never had

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Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary

Swarnava Nandi (writer)/ February 6, 2018/ WILDLIFE & TRAVEL

Have you ever wondered how varied can be the biological diversity in the mountains ? For the ones who are interested to taste such flavors of montane biodiversity, Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit for them, at least once. Protected by the State Forest Department, Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve in the state of Sikkim,

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Wildlife of Mandarmani

Swarnava/ June 25, 2017/ Uncategorized, WILDLIFE & TRAVEL

Stretched around 13 km long beach, lies a winsome seaside resort village in East Midnapore district at the end of North Bay of Bengal, India, called Mandarmani. It is almost 185 km from my home town, Kolkata. Here, the primary attractions offered to the tourists are the tranquil beach, the placid sunrises, and sunsets near the estuary and the ornate

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