The Graceful awl snail

Swarnava Nandi (writer)/ September 2, 2020/ WILDLIFE & TRAVEL/ 0 comments

Graceful awl snail

As the Monsoon arrives in the country, nature is fully blooming with life and joy. Many creatures are more active and visible during this time, so are these small terrestrial snails, known as the graceful awl snails . When I was a child, I always saw these mollusks around in our garden or in some flower pots. But never had a thought that these simple little creatures can have such complex behaviours, that these tiny alien like creatures can also become fascinating when given a little bit of attention.

Few years ago, I became interested in macro photography, exploring this world with the very primitive reverse lens technique. And while doing so, I came across this species of land snail and photographed it for the very first time. As a young enthusiast it is not possible for me to understand every behaviour of this species, but after observing them for about a year, I found that these snails are found mostly during monsoon and most of them carry eggs inside their shells. the graceful awlsnail is a species of small, tropical, air-breathing land snail. The shell is transparent, the yellow coloration occurs due to the soft parts of the snail’s body. They are omnivorous and hermaphroditic in nature.

Awl snail grazing on moss.

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